Lurisa Water

Lurisia water is excellent in nature and it is commercialized in the two Stille (drops) and Bolle (bubbles) versions. Stille is the mountain natural water bottles as it comes from the source and Bolle is the mineral water added with CO2 from a natural deposit. 

These waters are the answers to those who search emotions and exclusive pleasure in food, always asking for the highest guaranty on the product.

In order to express all this, Sottsass Associates have designed a bottle with a unique character. The starting idea was to think about a bottle for water as elegant as the cutlery, the glasses, the clean table-cloth, enhancing the visual aspect on the table. 

The design of Lurisia bottle is simple and transparent thanks to the use of delicate curves, with colors, shades and volumes that recall and conjure in every particular the presence and the spirit of the water.

  • 750ml – Still – Glass Bottles – 12 per case
  • 750ml – Sparkling – Glass Bottles – 12 per case
  • 330 ml – Glass – Still
  • 330 ml – Glass – Sparkling

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