Sole Arte Water

A premium Italian bottled mineral water, Sole water flows from the same pure and pristine Alpine source today as it has done for centuries. A family run operation in Lombardy, Italy, ensures that each bottle produced is as pure as its beginnings. With its low sodium content and slightly sweet taste, Sole is as close to nature as mineral water can get. Available in a choice of both sparkling and still and in a broad range of sizes and styles, including the contemporary Arte range, Sole is the number one choice for the discerning restaurateur wanting a premium water to complement the dining experience

  • 750 ml Glass – Still – 12 per case
  • 750 ml Glass – Sparkling – 12 per case
  • 330 ml Glass -Still – 24 per case
  • 330 ml Glass- Sparkling – 24 per case

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